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Boostedpro LLC, INC

It doesn’t matter how old you are- we all ant to do something better with our lives. If have talent, it needs to be exposed. If you don’t put yourself out there and show what you got, you’ll be 80 years old sitting on your porch wishing you had. No individual with a given talent is meant to be a sideliner. If you’re serious about advancing your life and building a career you are passionate about – you’ve stopped into the right place.


This is where your journey begins. Some things you’ll love and some things you won’t, but it is up to you to take these suggestions and create magical moments in your life. I look forward to sharing the details of all my travels with you for many years to come, be it business or pleasure. You are invited to share in every part of every scribble I make about all things travel!

Mr. Grant Sells

Khaleel Grant does more than just lay claim to the title of: "leading REALTOR® expert on the Westside"- he has the proven track record to back it up. His strength lies in his superhuman dedication and incredible talent for managing the details, no matter how complicated a transaction may become. Combined with a rich resume built on over three decades of real estate experience, he has found her own recipe for success that has served his and his clients well.

Aangel Pathology

My professional interest significantly favors general Surgical Pathology, Cytopath, Gyn Path and I also have a special learning interest in the area of Hematopath. We have a lot of lymphomas and leukemias in our community and I have performed hundreds of bone marrow biopsies in my 8 years of practice in Charlotte county.
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